Hometeam II Co-op
We meet in Goodrich at the Goodrich United Methodist Church. This is our first year in that facility after having previously being at Ortonville Baptist in Ortonville, MI. We currently meet the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays of the month. We have classes available for grades K through 8th. We also have nursery and preschool for the siblings.

Hometeam II is a Christian group and we require a non-demoninational Statement of Faith to be signed.

We function as a co-op with 4 classes per group. Some classes being offered now are are gym, art, Lego, Einstein Science,
Created: 7/24/2009
Updated: 7/24/2009

Address: 8071 S State Rd
Goodrich, Michigan  48438
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Rene Szatkowski
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Activities & events
  5/23/17. Christian Homeschool Prom.

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