School Support (SS)
School Support provides students the opportunity to excel through hands-on learning. Engaging and fun lessons ensure excitement and eagerness to learn.

The following enrichment classes meet weekly at St. John Neumann School in Farragut:
- Advanced Placement (AP) art (Mondays 4:30)
- Exploratory Science (Tuesdays 5:30)
- AP math and science (Tuesdays 4:30)
- Socialization for children with Aspergerís Syndrome (Thursdays 4:30)

These after school classes are designed for children in grades 3-5 and have a 6:1 student:teacher ratio. Classes meet weekly at $25 per hour.
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Updated 10/24/2012

Address: 625 St. John Court,
Knoxville, Tennessee  37934
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