Timexpo the Timex Museum

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Timexpo® The Timex Group Museum tells the story of Timex Group and its heritage dating back to the 1850s. A Time Tunnel leads to ancient mysteries. Magnificent timepieces, hands-on activities and much more.

Timex invites you to take a series of fascinating journeys through time. Trace the history of our company from the 1850s to the very latest in today's technology. And that's not all. A Time Tunnel leads you to an exhibit based on the work of Thor Heyerdahl, looking at possible contacts between ancient civilizations. Americans don't have to travel the world to discover archaeological mysteries. Find out about the mound cultures of North America.

Address: 175 Union Street
Waterbury, Connecticut  06706
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Created 8/7/2010
Updated 2/6/2018

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