Tulsa Geoscience Center: field trip!

Tulsa Geoscience Center: field trip in the Oil Capitol Building.
Send a booking request to geotourstulsa@yahoo.com, including your preferred date and time (and an alternative date/time), name and estimated number of your group, age range, contact name and phone/email or call 918-392-4556 and leave a message.
Quality educational field trip to discover earth sciences with hands on activities:
10 – 15 minute video, usually a Discovery Channel or Planet Earth selection on dinosaurs, earthquakes, volcanoes, caves, etc.; 8 rooms of hands on activities/experiments with rocks, fossils, minerals; make a tsunami; petrochemistry; recycling; earthquakes, volcanoes and the “Ring of Fire”; mysteries of earth magnetism, gravity, sound waves; fossil dig; fluorescent rocks dark room; take home activity projects; free teaching materials for educators/parents; docents that include professional geologists, engineers, teachers, trained high school interns who enjoy working with kids.

Address: 507 S. Main Street, Suite 300
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74103
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Created 7/18/2012

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