Reading, Handwriting, Phonograms, & Math tutoring

Previous homeschool mother of 2 willing to tutor you student in your home or ours for $15/hr.(cash) + .20/mile mileage if outside of Lakeville.

I have taught special needs kids and typical kids. I have certification in Wilson Tutoring and also Ortan Gillingham methods using The Sonday System, Logic of English, & Reading Works (Spaulding Methods). I am passionate about the kids that can read at grade level, but can't spell (decode) at grade level. This is a huge red flag and needs remediation immediately if student is past the 4th grade not at grade level spelling. I use standardized testing for measuring spelling knowledge using the Extended Ayres List and will teach you how to move forward as the tutor in your home if you want to be part of the learning process.

My husband is a Mechanical Engineer & great at teaching math and I can also tutor in Math up to Algebra.

Address: Lakeville, Minnesota  55044
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Created 1/14/2017

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