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The Minnetristra campus has lots of places to wander.

The front gardens by the center building parking lot include a couple of bird and butterfly gardens, the fish pond, and the Wishing Well Garden.

The Rose Garden is also at the side of the center.

Brewer also said it's always pleasant to walk White River Greenway along Minnetrista Boulevard in front of the Ball mansions. And behind the yellow brick L.L.Ball home is the Backyard Garden.

Also between the L.L. home and Oakhurst is the Colonnade Garden (and a parking lot). And while Oakhurst Gardens is closed, this would be a lovely viewing spot for snow drops and other usually early spring bloomers.

Across St. Joseph Street from the Orchard Shop, the Minnetrista Nature Area recently re-opened. Its looped trail takes you through three areas representing what Indiana used to be: a prairie, a wetland and a woods.

Address: 1200 N Minnetrista Pkwy
Muncie, Indiana  47303
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Created 4/8/2020
Updated 4/8/2020

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