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Curriculum Wanted, 41 to 60 days old

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A Year of Playing Skillfully. preschool play based curriculum. areites  07/25
All About Learning - Level 3 - Teacher's Manual. . mbmays  08/08
All About Reading - PreReading - Teacher's Manual. . mbmays  08/08
All About Reading Level 2 Readers. Would love to buy just the readers. markandbeka  08/08
All About Reading, Level 4. Readers and activity book. psalmofpraise  08/10
Alpha Omega Horizons Math Grade 3 Student Books 1 and 2. . gray9965  07/27
Alpha Omega Horizons Math Grade 4 Student Book 1. . gray9965  07/27
Alpha Omega Horizons Math Grade 5 Student Books 1 and 2. . gray9965  07/27
Alpha Omega Horizons Math Grade 6 Student Books 1 and 2. . gray9965  07/27
Apologia Advanced Biology in Creation. . julebox722  08/11
Apologia Astronomy 2nd Edition. No notebook needed. craftychristy  07/27
Apologia Chemistry and Physics. 1 textbook and 2 notebooks needed. craftychristy  07/27
Apologia Classical Conversations Challenge 2 books. Biology Student Notebook 2nd edition. nickie  08/07
Apologia General Science Instruction DVD. . froggymom  08/10
Apologia Jr Journaling Notebooks. . becca143  08/09
Apologia Physical science. as much of the set as I can get. jbimom  08/05
BJU Algebra 1 Teachers text and tests 3rd ed. 8-10. mammanikki  08/13
BJU Biology 1 teachers text 4th ed and tests. . mammanikki  08/13
BJU Cultural Geography Tests, 4th edition. . evensocome  08/13
BJU English 6 2nd ed teachers text and tests. . mammanikki  08/13
BJU Heritage Studies 6 3rd ed Teachers text and tests. . mammanikki  08/13
BJU Math 6 3rd ed Teachers text and tests. . mammanikki  08/13
BJU Pre-Algebra Activities Manual Teacher's Edition. Second Edition. books4sale  08/13
BJU Pre-Algebra Tests Answer Key (2nd ed.). . books4sale  08/13
BJU Reading 6 2ed teachers text and tests. . mammanikki  08/13
BJU Science 6 4th ed Teachers tect and tests. . mammanikki  08/13
BJU Writing and Grammer 10 4ed teachers text and tests. . mammanikki  08/13
Calvert 5th Grade Lesson Manual A. 2012 copyright preferred, but contact me if different year. mom2blu  07/31
Classical Conversations Book How Should We Live?. Classical Conversations Book How Should We Live?. ashakir22  07/25
Classical Conversations Challenge 1 material. . dawnabston  07/26
Classical Conversations Challenge II Books. Classical Conversations Challenge II Books. ashakir22  07/25
Classical Conversations Latin text & key2nd year. Classical Conversations Latin text & key 2nd year. ashakir22  07/25
Classical Conversations Tour Guide Intro to Debate. Classical Conversations Tour Guide Intro to Debate. ashakir22  07/25
Classical Conversations Traditional Logic 1 2nd Ed. Classical Conversations Traditional Logic 1, 2nd Edition. ashakir22  07/25
Draw Write Now. Any of the Animal Drawing Books. joyfulchase  08/01
Essentials of the English Language. from Classical Conversations Essentials program. barracca  08/05
Excelerate Spanish 2. Complete Bundle in good condition. ny_homeschoolers  08/02
Handwriting without Tears, cursive. Grade 5 Kit, cursive. msnyder8  08/12
Heart of Dakota Res - Ref. Resurrection to Reformation Guide only. fiveolivetrees  07/26
Heart of Dakota World Geography. Any items from the Hearts of Him package. northwoodsmom  08/05
Henle Second Year Latin. Text book only. kingmama8  08/01
Houghton Mifflin Algebra: Structure and Method— Book 1 & Solutions. . loriew  08/08
IEW Student Writing Intensive Level B. . ajfetzer  07/28
Laying Down the Rails for Children. . glperky  07/25
LifePac Math, Algebra I. Grade 9. msnyder8  08/12
Logic Of English Foundations A. Teacher's manual, manuscript game cards and phonogram tiles. hebba_88  08/07
Logic of English Foundations B Readers. Looking for just the readers. hebba_88  08/07
Lost Tools of Writing Level 1 Student Workbook. . nickie  08/07
Mastering Algebra by Art Reed for Saxon Algebra 1. Looking for the CD/DVD set in good condition. kleestile  07/25
Math-U-See MUS Beta clean student workbook only. may be on spine or in binder, but celan please. mommyjohnston  08/02
Memoria Press Traditional Logic I 2nd Edition. Text, Workbook, key and DVD set. kingmama8  07/25
Modern Curric. Press Spelling Workout E Teacher's Edition (current). . amyinthegarden  07/27
Mystery of History Vol 4. . craftychristy  07/27
Mystery of History, Volume 4. . gigilynn  08/02
Notgrass American history. as much of the set as I can get. jbimom  08/05
Osprey Graphic History Books. 12 in the series of graphic/comic books.. familyhome4  08/06
Progeny Press Pride and Prejudice Study Guide. in nice condition or better condition please. cynthiac.  08/01
Sassafras Science All Volumes. Looking for just the student books. Thanks!. ard84  08/07
Saxon 8th grade. . msnyder8  08/12
Saxon Grammar and Writing 5-Student Textbook by Hake. Student Textbook only. Not workbook or teacher manual. jeniferrlynne  07/26
Science Shepherd Biology textbook 3rd edition. high school curriculum. alapeeps  08/07
Singapore Math Earlybird. Kindergarten. sara1020  07/26
Sonlight 530 and 630 IGs. Only need IGs - parent and/or student. 2015 or newer.. carrief  08/03
Super Star Speech. . mommyjohnston  08/02
Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. . msnyder8  08/12
Teaching Textbooks 6th and 8th grade needed. . jen493  08/06
Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1. 2.0 Student text, Answer booklet, and DVD's. jillnovak  08/06
Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 ver 2.0 w/autograde. complete set needed: discs, book, and testbook & answer key. seven_scuba  07/27
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algrebra 2.0. CDs, Clean Text, Answers. rendergrace  08/10
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus 2.0. . hsyp1  08/13
The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier. . blessed_with_boys  08/04
Thinking tree. ISO.. A Treasury of Psalms and Proverbs Level C. amador8  07/27
Ticket to Ride board game. . hmommy  07/30
Total Health High School, Susan Boe. . julebox722  08/11
Total Language plus The Hobbit. . jbimom  08/05
Total Language Plus The Scarlet Letter. . jbimom  08/05
Total Language Plus The witch of blackbird pond. . jbimom  08/05
Tuttle Twins, All 8 Books. Willing to pay only up to $5 each. Thanks!. ard84  08/07
What's in the Bible? Volume 12 DVD. . vickylynn  07/27

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